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Grounded Valentina Photography

My fascination with the world of beauty has been a lifelong affair, intertwined with a burning passion for business and entrepreneurship. Back in elementary school, my parents forbade me from wearing makeup, prompting my ingenious solution of sneaking in clear mascara—my small act of rebellion. Middle school marked the beginning of my makeup journey, turning me into the go-to artist for my friends during events like school dances. It was in high school that I ventured into the world of beauty by starting a YouTube channel, if I had stuck with it, I joke that I could have been an OG famous YouTuber by now.

Fueling my entrepreneurial fire, I also pursued not just one but two business degrees—both undergraduate and graduate. My career journey has brought upon me a wealth of knowledge spanning technology, business, and leadership, setting me apart in the industry.

My professional journey into makeup artistry began during my college years in 2017. After becoming published and finding my niche within the industry, I now focus on bridal, editorial, and special event makeup. Initially nerve-wracking, this venture has become my source of joy and oddly enough, a wellspring of confidence. Embracing this journey has allowed me to shed self-doubt and step out of my comfort zone.

Makeup isn't merely a skill; it's been my therapy, a canvas for self-expression, and a bridge to deeper connections. While professionalism remains paramount, understanding my clients is key in bringing their visions to life. Establishing that connection and ensuring comfort with my clients is integral to the artistry I deliver.

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